The Hypno Theatre, co/Hjörleifur Jonsson

I am the moon and
this is my story

»Did you ever wonder where the moon goes when the sun comes up? Maybe you did, and if so, you probably thought that it just disappeared across the horizon every night, to take a few hours nap, just like everyone else does. If that´s what you thought, you are mistaken my friend.

You see, the moon lives in the reign of everlasting twilight, where dreams and reality become one and nothing is exactly what it seems. Did you know that when night sets in Nuuk, morning breaks in Bengal? The moon travels across our world, once every 24 hours, to collect the dreams of sleeping children around the globe. Every night and for all eternity I am the moon, and this is my story.«

Thus begins the tale of the moon’s full circle. The giant moon, hovering over the audience travels to different countries around the globe and on its way it bares witness to short stories from the different cultures. He tells these stories of one night in his life to the children in the language of the host country. Puppeteers and musicians bring them to life.

A Brief Introduction
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and a sense of exploration

Music from the Moon is an
international music and puppet theater show
mixed with visuals and video projections.

The show is based on old stories and songs from around the globe. The object of the show is to introduce different cultures to children in different corners of the world as well as to make clear to them the importance of their own cultural heritage and to emphasize the part it plays in a world that reaches far beyond their own community.

Wherever the show travels
it is played in the language of the host country.

The storytelling moon is recorded on DVD before hand and projected on a screen during the show. He is therefore fluent in all the languages of the world. During the show we get to meet quite a few interesting characters, a boneless chicken from England, an old hermit from Iceland that is brought back to the world after having listened to the songs of birds for a thousand years, a little girl with a golden toe and Death himself who woes the maiden.

New songs and stories
from different cultures are added

The manuscript is adapted with every country the show visits and new songs and stories are added. In Germany the show starts in Neu Köln with an old German lullaby, in Norway it starts in Lappland with an old Sami story and in India it starts on a starlit night in Dehli with an ancient Indian song. The Long term goals of this project are to bring a certain openmindedness and a sense of exploration to the more monocultural corners of the world. We prefer to perform the show in countries who´s children do not usually get to see international performances that emphasize their own cultural heritage. The shows philosophy unites different nations in a single thought as well as underlining the importance of specific cultures within one world.

Visual Concept & Design: Sven Kils - Graphic Studios
www.svenkils.com - info@svenkils.com